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How To Silence Your Mind - Watch Your Free Video Below!

Join Our Transformational 4 Week Online Retreat Starting The 1st July!

Meditate at the beach

How To Silence Your Mind - 4 Week Online Retreat With Luke

What You're Getting...

  • 4 Brand New Transformational Teachings, Join Luke for four weeks of spiritual guidance as he teaches you the art of 'transcending thought'. All intuition, wisdom, and power arise out of silence. Join us as Luke shows you the way out of the suffering of the mind, and into peace and joy.

  • Essential Guided Meditations, Gain two brand new guided meditations aimed at healing and awakening.

  • Live Q&A, Towards the end of the retreat you will also join Luke for a live teaching with the chance of Luke answering your questions directly in the group!

Jane, London

"Luke is otherworldly. I have never experienced anything like this retreat before in my life. Realising I am not my mind, but the observer of my mind, has changed my life forever. I feel completely grounded and centred and can tell this isn't a feeling that is going to go away. Luke has changed my life with this retreat and I cannot recommend it enough!"

Sophia, Aus

"I have recommended Luke's content to everyone I know. He has completely changed my life."

David, California

"Luke's gentle presence and profound wisdom has brought an incredible amount of peace and healing into my life. I can't recommend him enough."

What You'll Gain:

Learn The Art Of Silencing Your Thoughts And Living With A Quiet Inner World

Reduce Anxiety And Depression By Letting Go Of Negative Thoughts That Do Not Serve You

Gain simple, practical tools and techniques for finding lasting inner peace.

Overcome limited beliefs and perform better in work, build better relationships, and find true joy in what you do

Realise who you truly are and accelerate your spiritual awakening.

About This 4 Week Online Retreat

A Message From Luke:

"I often say: the majority of our human suffering arises from the human inability to stop thinking. Humans are great thinkers, we love it. However, there is always too much of a good thing. The largest cause of the dysfunction and suffering in our species is that humans cannot stop their thoughts. Thinking happens consistently - ruminating on the past, fretting about the future - they cannot simply rest in the present moment. They cannot just be.


Over this four week retreat I will guide you experientially into the state of stillness. I will show you directly how to rest in the present moment, with a silent mind.


All of your problems live in your mind. Your enemies live there. The issues with your finances live there. Everything exists in the mind.


Ultimately, the only true form of healing is learning to awaken from our thoughts. This is the thing that will bring healing for our species both individually and collectively.


If you have resonated with any of my content online, I trust this course will be experiential for you. It will not be a regurgitation of things you have already heard me say. It is a structured, guided flow that will show you the root of your suffering, and also the way out.


I believe the more people are present in retreats such as these (even online), the more powerful they are. So I have aimed to make it as accessible to as many people as possible.


Get signed up before the 1st July, and we will welcome you with open arms!


See you there.


With you,


Access Starts At Just £195! Get Signed Up Now!

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