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Book Your Transformation Package With Luke

What's Included?

Up to 8 sessions with Luke. We say 'up to' because many of our clients often feel better after the very first session. Luke uses the most profound and simple psychological and philosophical strategies to help you to heal from the past, and invite peace and stillness into your life. For just $125 per session, you will unlock the causes of your psychological problems, and be shown the fastest and simplest methods for alleviating them for good.

Want us to tell you something else cool? If you have the entire 8 sessions, and you don't feel better, we give you your money back! We are that confident we can help!

Have A Look At Our Programs Below. If Any Of Them Resonate With You, Make Your Purchase At The Bottom Of The Screen (They Are All The Same Price, And You Will Clarify What You Need Help With From Luke During Your First Session)

What can we help with?

Behind the Scenes


Your Path To Eliminate Suffering, Find Inner-Peace, And Heal

This program will teach you how to 'transcend thought' and find a place of healing. Suffering cannot exist without thought. Transcending thought will transform your inner emotions and help you to find a place of presence, acceptance, and peace.



Manage Your Relationship With Money And Attract Financial Wealth From A Place of Presence

Money is a strong trigger for the ego. If you feel like you're struggling with money, this program will teach you how to attract money in abundance, from a place of presence. Luke will walk you through how to create your business without the ego. If you're currently trying to start a business but failing, you're most likely putting too much awareness into the end product, instead of the creative process itself. This course will transform your relationship with money, grow you a business built from presence, and help you to achieve a place of financial freedom that you and your family deserve.


Dating And Relationships 

Struggling in your dating life? Or want to improve your current relationship? Start here. I have worked as a relationship and dating coach for a long time. Trust me, I can help.


Purchase Now! $125 per session.
(8x sessions; 1 Time Payment)

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