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Join The Transcending Thought Community In A Brand New Group:

Who Are We

What Is The Group?

I am so amazed to see how many people have benefitted from my content on TikTok and other platforms, we are living now in one of the most profound and transformational times for our species. Humans around the world are awakening into a new state of consciousness and recognising the utter insanity of the world. I hope now to create a group in which many of us can come together and expand this Light more quickly.

For every human that awakens spiritually, the New Earth creeps closer. Being part of a group of humans who are dedicated to raising the vibrational frequency of our collective race can help to massively accelerate the awakening of this planet and thus move us closer to salvation as a whole. I am now inviting you to be part of such a group.

This is the very beginning, where I am looking for like-minded individuals who will be interested in joining a group such as the one described. We will meet frequently, discuss living presently and transcending thought, and you will gain access to exclusive teachings and be able to ask questions and more. 

One of the most common things I hear from you all is that when going through an awakening, you feel very alone. This is not uncommon. I want to see if we can create a place where we can all come together, speak, ask (and answer) questions, and overall just connect and communicate as a whole.

If this is something you would be interested in, please sign up your name and email below and I will be in touch shortly regarding expanding this group further. If you have any ideas for the group as well then this would be great to add on the form!

Ultimately, there is one purpose here: heal the world. This will only happen as humans awaken and step out of the egoic, thinking mind. This is what I am here to show you how to do.

Sign up below if you're interested and I will speak to you soon!

With you,


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