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(In-Depth Teaching With Luke)...
Enter A Life Free From Stress And Anxiety

Reduce Stress And Achieve Your Goals By Changing Your Relationship With Time...

We had so many people reaching out to us asking for further clarification on this groundbreaking and profound concept of changing our relationship with time. Everything and more is in our Transcending Thought Online Retreat, however we know for some of you this is a bit out of reach for now.

So we have created this in-depth, 3-part online teaching on changing your relationship with time to help you to pursue your goals consciously and presently. We have made this as accessible as possible to as many people as possible, so go and get signed up, and let's make this concept a permanent presence in your life!


What's Included?

Part 1: Reducing Stress To Achieve Our Goals. 

This teaching explores the in-depth concept of changing our relationship with time. What this means, how it works, and why it's so effective at reducing stress and anxiety in our lives.

Part 2: Bringing Presence Into Our Lives Practically

So many people talk about living presently, but how do we do it? In this teaching you will learn the simplest yet most profound techniques that are practical in your everyday life to live more presently. And to live presently is synonymous with peace and abundance.

PART 3: Creating From Presence

In the final part of this teaching you will learn how presence can actually enhance your work and make you more likely to achieve your goals. You will learn how to pursue your goals consciously, without stress, whilst still remaining present!

Ready To Enter A Life Free From Stress?

Get Signed Up Below For Immediate Access. Just £27! Once Purchased Your Access Will Be Sent Via Email. 
(Easily Converted To Any Currency Through Paypal).

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