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Work With Luke

Luke has an MSc in clinical psychology and over seven years working in various counselling and therapeutic roles with both adults and children. 

Using a unique blend of western clinical psychology (such as cognitive behavioural therapy) with timeless Eastern spiritual wisdom, Luke will reveal to you a unique, simple, but powerful approach to healing and living a better life.

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Luke's Story

"From the age of eleven I experienced continuous anxiety and depression that would not leave me. As I got a bit older, I tried seeking help from multiple places, but nothing worked. At the age of seventeen, I realised I could not live like this forever, and set out on a journey towards healing and inner peace. I became obsessed with psychology and philosophy, learning about the most effective approaches to healing. Some of it worked, and led me towards the pursuit of a career in clinical psychology. Yet, I could feel there was still something missing.  

It was only when I discovered spirituality did the healing I was seeking happen (or rather, I would say, spirituality found me). After years of battling with my own mind, one day I went through a profound change where I learnt to transcend my thoughts - which simply means to awaken from and silence my thoughts at will. This brought about a profound inner peace that changed the trajectory of my whole life, and I now help others around the world to achieve the same.

I provide a unique blend of eastern spirituality with clinical psychology to guide you on a simple, experiential, profound approach to healing and inner change. If you have found yourself here, then something in you is resonating. If you would like guidance on your journey of healing, our service is here for you.

Click the button below, and I'm looking forwards to meeting with you!"

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