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Contemplating Space: Understanding The Creation Of The Universe

Some people believe the universe was created with a giant explosion that is often called The Big Bang. This may be partly true. However, there is a deeper level to the creation of our universe we can explore now.


What is the universe? If you look out to the night sky you can see a vast array of planets and stars. You can see the things that exist to us in this universe. However, this of course is just one property of the universe. There is another property that is vastly overlooked.


If you look more closely as you look up into the night sky, there is another property we often do not give enough attention, and it is the space in which these forms exist. There are forms – stars, planets, meteors, etc. And then there is space. Empty space. No-thing. 


The universe consists of two properties, then - forms, and space. Things, and the no-thing into which the things arise. We have spent a long time studying the former property, it has often been all the human mind has found of interest. Let us now explore the latter – let us explore nothing.


Nothing is the empty space in which all forms arise. For there to be forms, there has to be space in which these forms exist. Here is the interesting thing to ask yourself – what is that space? 


The question has no answer on the level of the mind because you cannot think about nothing. The moment nothing is contemplated thought ceases. Only awareness remains. 


Awareness, then, is equivalent to space.

If your mind were a little universe, your thoughts would be the stars and planets. Awareness would be the space in which these thoughts arise.


So, what does this tell us about the creation of the universe? Well, the universe was never created, only the things inside the universe were created. 


Forms are created. They appear. They exist, which means to stand out. But what do they stand out from? They stand out in relation to the empty space in which they exist.


So, here comes the key question that science has often failed to explore until now. What is that empty space into which forms appear? Is it possible that there is more to this space than we have thought? 


The space has always been there. The space just is. It is timeless space. If you took a sample of the space 7 billion years ago, and a sample of that space today, it would be unchanged. The same. Space is timeless nothingness. However, there is a more to it than that.


As you begin to become aware of this space, as you recognise the space and contemplate nothing, a strange recognition happens, as though an affiliation arises with this space. Is it possible that the space that the universe exists in, is inseparable from the space in you?


As you become aware of space out there, the space in you awakens from within. The space of awareness in you is inseparable from the space in which the universe appears.


And so, you are the space into which all forms arise. Right now that space is observing the universe through the lens of a human mind. That same space is observing the world through a dolphin mind, and even an oak tree. That space is the consciousness in which all forms exist. Forms arise from the space, stand out (exist), and then return to the space.


In the same way an ocean can form a wave, and then shortly after the wave crashes into itself.


So to is this universe merely one ocean of consciousness expressing itself in different forms.


Right now, humans around the planet are awakening to this realisation - that they are the universe observing itself in a human form.


You are the timeless space that allows forms to be. You are timeless consciousness observing through one lens. But that same consciousness is observing the world through all other lenses. 


One Light. Multiple lenses. A timeless Being.


And so, what is there to fear? You are the universe taking on a temporary formation.


You are the universe awakening to itself!


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