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Happy Easter!

Easter. A time for remembering the sacrifice Christ Jesus made for us, to resolve us of our sins. But what does this mean?

Do you know those unconscious urges and impulses that arise in your body? The sudden burst of anger you get whilst sitting in traffic. The sudden impulse to lie, cheat, steal. Those tendencies to move towards what you know in your heart is wrong.

What about those negative, fearful, perhaps even evil thoughts that arise in your mind? Have you ever thought about where they come from? This is the sin of which the bible speaks.

Jesus came to Earth to bring Christ consciousness to us all. This is a state of consciousness that is pure, good. That is untouched by all of these dark impulses, urges, and evil thoughts. It is pure Light.

When Jesus died on that cross that die, with nothing but pure love in his heart, the consciousness of Christ did not leave this planet. It now lives in you. 

We are all one. One Being, any sense of separation is illusion. We are no more separate as two branches on the same tree. 

As Jesus sacrificed himself on the cross, the love in his heart spread and now lives in you. All you need do is look within. With Jesus’ name in your heart. Call upon him. Ask him of this new consciousness that is deeply peaceful. That will alleviate you from those unconscious urges. The dark, unconscious thoughts.

Consciousness is Light. And it is the essence of who you are. Light will always cast out darkness. This is why Jesus proclaimed ‘I am the Light of the world.’

But he also said ‘you are the Light of the world.’

To be united in Christ is to feel the deeper consciousness that you are. The higher awareness that lies transcendent to thought and form. As you realise yourself as the formless awareness looking through your eyes right now, Christ consciousness awakens. It is the true meaning of liberation.

This is the meaning of the salvation that Christ brings. And what it means to be saved by Jesus Christ.

What you may not have realised is Christ is in you. Calling upon you. Waiting to lift you out of your pain and suffering. You need only become still. Look within. And Christ is there. Ready to awaken you into the Light.

Happy Easter 🐣 ✝️⛪️ 


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