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You Are Not Separate

Every war that has ever been fought is a result of the human ego, which sees itself as a separated fragment in a vast and scary universe. Everyone is a threat, and anyone different from me is the enemy.

This is the ego.

All of this is a product of relating to the world through thought alone, which creates dichotomies and a false sense of separation. You relate to others and the world through mental concepts and imageries, which generates alienation from those around you.

In truth, there is no separation. This is an illusion.

Every cell, atom, and molecule that makes up your body and your brain comes from the stars, and the Earth, and it all comes together to from this little person you believe yourself to be.

But it's not separate. It is still the universe, just momentarily expressing itself in a certain formation. And soon, that formation will collapse back into itself again, like a wave crashing into the ocean.

The wave was never truly separate, this was the illusion. It was and is always the ocean.

Wars happening today are a result of an egoic insanity, the belief that others are separate. There is no them vs us in war. No good vs evil. No black and white thinking. Everything is always grey and messy.

We are one species. The human species. One race. One collective consciousness. And going beyond the human race, we are one with Life.

You are the universe expressing itself momentarily in a human form. But there is no individuality here, not really. In its deepest sense you are the Totality, you are the universe. You are the one Life.

As more humans recognise this, the collective structures of our world today will begin to change to match this. No war could possibly happen when humans realise we are all part of the same one Life. Apples on the same tree. Waves on the same ocean.

Any act of harm on another is also inflicted on the Self - behind all the seemingly separated humans there is one Being. The human is the wave, the Being is the ocean.

Humans have lost touch with Being, this is what has caused the atrocities we see today.

Do not take sides in war. Do not look to revenge and support of one side.

War itself is the enemy, as it is the opposite of love.

Love is the only thing that will end war. Nothing else will work.

What is Love? The recognition that who I am is one with who you are. I am one with the Totality.

Reside in this knowing. Reside in this state. And you will be shifting the collective human consciousness towards this realisation.

Every human who awakens and holds the frequency of Love will cause a shift in the collective psyche.

Don't fall into the hate, the fear, the conflict. Remain above. Remain in the Light.

This is how we end the egoic insanity and bring about the New Earth.


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