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What Does It Mean To Transcend Thought?

Transcending thought means to realise that you are not the thoughts in your mind - you are merely the one observing them. It is the moment awareness detaches itself from the thoughts of the mind.

The majority of human suffering is inflicted by what I call 'the thinking mind'. The thinking mind is the incessant stream of thinking that happens from the moment your eyes open in the morning to the moment they close at night. Have you noticed?

Your mind can often be quite horrible too. It will say things like 'you're worthless' or 'you're such a failure' or 'you're no good'... but who is saying that? Do you want to speak to yourself in this way? Can you stop speaking to yourself like this if you want to? No? Then who is saying it? It is the unconscious, thinking mind. It has a mind of its own.

To transcend thought means to take a step back from your thoughts and to see them for what they are - just thoughts - and to no longer give them the importance they often do not deserve.

The reason why this is so effective is because the majority of human suffering comes from thought. The simply inability to stop thinking. The mind will continuously bring up imagined things in your future to worry about, or it will bring up things from your past that you didn't like so you can learn how to stop them from happening again.

That's the mind's job, and it is very good at it. The issue is, humans don't know how to turn it off. So it just keeps running, and just keeps creating problems because that is what it has evolved to do.

The liberation comes when you realise you are not your mind, you are the one observing it. This gives you the ability to, when needed, set your problems of the mind aside, and simply be.

There is one thing humans are lacking today, it is the thing all humans seek. It is Being. The ability to simply be. The mind is so consumed by doing humans do not know how to set things aside and simply exists in the peace of the here and now.

It is not to dishonour life's challenges. Life will challenge you, yes. This is not new. The Buddha pointed to this over two thousand years ago.

Yet, he also pointed to a way out of suffering. Enlightenment - the end of suffering. What is enlightenment? It is the simply ability to set your mind aside when you do not want it. To move thought aside and rest in your natural state of peace and stillness.

This is the power of transcending thought - it really is the end of suffering. It is the ability to learn to set the challenges in life aside and just be.

This is what you seek. It is what all humans seek. And I am here to show you how to do it.

With you,


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