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What Is God? Read This To Uncover Your Deepest Essence

You do not need to use the term God if this is not helpful for you. It is often a closed concept many people have negative connotations towards, and thus instantly blocks access to that which this word points.

I prefer 'Being'.

Being is a much more helpful term for many, and can bring you closer to the truth. Hearing the term 'God' often creates an image in your mind of an entity separate from yourself, manipulating and controlling your behaviour. Please do your best to disparage this notion.

God is not a being. God is Being. Being is the one Life behind the myriad of life forms. It is the connecting Source from which all life forms arise.

Being is also your very nature, it is the very essence of who you are. It can only be felt, however, as you become still.

The mind for many humans is often so noisy they have lost touch with the very essence of who they are, which is the essence behind thought.

You exist in the space, the silent stillness, between your thoughts. It is pure, unmanifested awareness or consciousness - the essence of yourself who hears your thoughts.

As this silent presence beyond thought is felt, what you are really feeling is your essential nature which is Being itself.

Whilst reading these words, perhaps you can begin to momentarily grasp that which I speak of. As you are reading these words using that internal voice in your mind take note of the strangeness of such an activity.

You are using that inner voice to read these words, but now can you begin to sense not the voice itself, but that which hears that voice. Can you begin to feel the essence of yourself who hears your thoughts? The silent awareness behind and beyond thoughts?

As you feel the awareness and stillness behind your thoughts, Being is awakening through you. Being is consciousness. Consciousness is who you are, it is the silent presence behind your thoughts.

Being right now is just momentarily lost in a dream of separation. Each human feels cut off from and separated from the one Life. As you become still, as the mind settles, as you allow yourself to become so fully conscious and alert to that essence behind your thoughts, that essence recognises itself and Consciousness has liberated itself from the illusion of separation.

There is a higher Wisdom and Harmony to this world that the thinking mind does not know. It is the wisdom that guides the birds south for the winter, and guides the bees to fetch the pollen to pollenate the flowers and keep this ecosystem running. Behind the many, there is One.

You cannot grasp this wisdom using thought. But as thought quietens and the essence behind thought is felt, your felt oneness with this Harmony awakens from within.

God is the space and silence from which everything arises. It is the no-thing that allows things to be.

If there is sound, God is the silence underneath the sounds.

If there is form, God is the space and no-thingness in which the forms appear.

It is the one consciousness, the one Being permeating all forms. The spacious womb allowing this world to be.

You are in Being, and Being is in you.

God is not a being. God is Being - the one Life.

Become present, become still. Become intensely alert to your present moment, and you may feel a shift happen within you. An essence of consciousness awakens from complete identification with mind, no matter how slight.

And as this happens, Being is felt. God then no longer needs to be something in which you believe, or attempt to convince others off.

It is simply the very essence of all life.

What is more shocking in this world is not that there is God, but that so many humans do not know God themselves.

Life, Being, Nature, Wisdom, Harmony, Consciousness. All synonymous with this three letter word that so many have misunderstood. Drop the word if it is not helpful for you, use Being if it is more helpful.

What is Being? The mind cannot grasp it, and thus it is a more helpful pointer to what God actually is. The mind cannot grasp God, it has a limited capacity to conceptualise and understand.

Only consciousness itself can feel what this term means. Consciousness, Being, Life, all words that can open up the spiritual dimension within you. Only if you do not get lost in the word, but instead feel that which the word is pointing you to - which is your very nature behind thoughts.

It is the space, the silent stillness that governs this world. A silent wisdom and harmony that is one with who you are.

"Be still, and know, I am, God." This phrase is perhaps one of the most powerful pointers to that which the term God attempts to point you.

Be still (become present). And know (and feel). I am (Being). We don't even need the term God here.

Become still and feel your oneness with Being would be perhaps be a more modern translation.

That is what this phrase points to. Stillness is Presence. A relaxed oneness with the present moment. Become present, and the mind quietens. The mind quietens, and Being can then be felt.

Being is the I Am behind your thoughts. The felt presence who hears and listens to your thoughts. The stillness behind the noise. This stillness is what can open up the Being-dimension within you.

Wake up. Become present. The spiritual awakening is the awakening of Consciousness from form. Formless consciousness senses itself behind the illusion of separateness.

As Being awakens and senses itself, God no longer becomes a mere thought in your head, but a very real presence in your life.



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